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Special Training for IELTS & PTE


Our vision is to be the best global education provider in the world for our students, partners and people.


Our Mission is to satisfy our customers by fulfilling their dreams.


– We have conviction to our purpose and potential.
– We demonstrate drive by achieving and advancing together.
– We are adventurous in mind and spirit.
– We demonstrate rigour in enhancing our professional reputation and credibility.
– We are genuine in the way we behave and deliver.
– We show respect by celebrating, valuing and caring for people and the environment.

Values in Action are a set of guidelines outlining how we demonstrate the Hype values through our behavior and in the performance of our work. Values in Action are an articulation of who we are, and how we are expected to behave. It symbolizes what we stand for as an organization. It includes how to report non-complaint, illegal or unethical behavior or actions via our speak up portal.


Our core purpose is transforming lives through education. We are passionate about learner outcomes, creating employment opportunities through lifelong learning and being a global leader in delivering better learning solutions.

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